Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Time flies when your having fun...

How quickly have the last four days gone? Had a lovely time but back to work tomorrow :( Oh well!!Thought I would blog one of my fave pressies that I got off my sister, ok it wasn't a surprise as I picked it off the Sephora website but I love it, especially since I don't have most of these colours in my other palettes!! Not tried them yet but will do this week!
So Christmas being over its that time to think about New Years Resolutions, I am actually quite good at these, seven years ago I decided to become a Vegetarian and I am still sticking by it! This year I have decided I would really like to lose some weight... not that original I know!! Being a veggie it is hard to find a good diet plan, I used slim fast before which worked the first time but not so much the times after! This year I think I will try The South Beach Diet, I know it doesnt look the best one for a veggie but I have done some research and it looks like it would work well, I will keep you posted!!
I hope everyone else is still feeling cheery, and wishing you all A HAPPY New Year!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Got my Carmine December box yesterday and its got me in the festive mood!! Really happy with this months box its my favorite one so far!The time techonology cream sample I gave to my mum, only because my skin is very sensitive with moisturisor so the only one I can use is 'Celestial' from Lush!I just used the Weleda shower cream and my gosh its amazing - my skin is soo soft after using it I don't even need to put any body lotion on! I have yet to try the other products but excited for the eyeshadow included which looks lovely and glittery!!
I have had a lovely morning of watching 'Santa Claus the movie' and finally wrapping all my presents, all set now so I can enjoy having a chilled out christmas eve! This week in work has been the longest ever, I am sooo glad its over!!!Off until wednesday now - yay!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Soap and Glory

I absolutely Love Soap and Glory and each year they do a special deal where a gift set worth £60 is sold for £25 - I have been lucky enough to get it the last two years. This year I was nervous as it had been shown on tv and I had a feeling it would sell out, however luckily my bf managed to get me one and after work I managed to pick one up too!As I use pretty much all their toiletries this is bargainous for me and worth getting 2! They actually had loads left in Boots when I went yesterday but I did hear the assistant say they had sold 1300 yesterday!Can't wait to have a nice soap and glory bath tonight!! I am soo happy its the weekend, I have felt really tired all week its been sooo long and dragged! Going to start wrapping some pressies today!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Cheers to the weekend

SOOOOO happy its the weekend, even though I have to start my Christmas shopping tomorrow eeek!! I love Christmas but am never organised with my shopping!!!
Nail varnish is Barry M with the good ole Models own Juicy Jules on top! I am holding the new Benefit 'They're Real' mascara! Its really good and I managed to get it on the day they had 15% off so it was £15, still pricey but it's worth it and after buying a lot of mascaras that promise the world, this one steps it up. It still doesn't quite get the total false lash effect but I think this is impossible for a mascara anyway!
Have a good weekend all and thank you to my new followers :)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Festive nails

Decided it was time for some red glitter nails, thought green would be good underneath ;) Since the picture I have applied more glitter as it was a bit patchy, I do love this glitter but the nails in my last post are one of my faves and they lasted almost a week without chipping!!
Can't believe its 22 days until Christmas, really need to start my shopping soon!I love Christmas but always leave my shopping until last minute!! Its my tradition!
Not looking forward to another working week! X Factor tonight though will be good, hope Amelia stays in, not bothered about the rest!! Going to miss my daily Im a Celeb fix, thought this series was amazing!!
Happy Sunday :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Models Own Juicy Jules

By far the best glitter nail varnish I have used, very impressed, no wonder this was the last one in Boots when I got it!The green is Barry M!
Does this week seem like its lasting forever already?:(
Plus side 26 days until Christmas!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas is coming!

Forgot to mention in last post I did convince the bf to let me put our tree up :) Only 30 days to go eeek better start shopping!

Glee slushied

Finally tried all my Glee nail varnishes, took a while, I do love this one though, I realised the Models own glitter nail varnish I bought as shown in my last post is pretty much the same as this glee glittery one! Oh well!!
I decided to paint my nails to try and stop me snacking lol its a diet tip I read somewhere and it kind of works , by the time the nails dry the want for a snack has faded a bit! I always find this time of year I just want chocolate constantly, but I really want to lose weight so I am trying to eat better and playing on my kinect a lot!
Happy Thanksgiving to all those across the pond

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Carmine and mini Boots haul

My carmine beauty box came a few days ago, it was nice not knowing what was in there this time. I haven't tried any of the products yet, I am not too excited about the lipstick mainly because I hardly ever wear any! but everything else I am sure will get used up!!The body lotion will just be added to my pile I am trying to use up though!
I also did a bit of shopping n Boots and got the Soap and Glory mascara, models own nails and my usual foundation, I can't wear foundation often as I have sensitive skin so it lasts aggges I only wear it on a night out!
I am soooo excited for Christmas, I bought wrapping paper yesterday though as of yet have no pressies to wrap!! Tryng to convince the boyfriend to let me put our tree up tonight! This year has gone by sooo fast though its scary!!
Sorry for the poor photos and them not being in the right over, I finally got an iphone which I love but still struggling with getting used to it!
Hope your all having a great week!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Carmine Beauty Box

After trying in vain to sign up to GlossyBox (their website frustrates me!) I gave up on joining up with a beauty box until I noticed Carmine on a blog. It was easy to sign up plus due to a special offer it was half price for the first box, normal box is then £10 pls p&p. I am really pleased with the products included, I knew what was in there because I obviously saw it on a blog to sign up. So far I have used the eye shadow which had a lovely pigment mine was the peach colour. I also used the handcream which although isn't my favourite scent it left my hands lovely and soft! I am already looking forward to the new box and it will be nice not knowing what is included and getting a surprise!So its a 10/10 from me, I know its their first box but I am hoping future ones will be just as good!!
I am enjoying gaining the extra hour today with the clocks going back seeing as I had an epic lay in until 10:30! which would have actually been 11:30 if the clocks hadn't gone back. Haven't had a long lie in like that for a while so I obviously needed it!!

Did some more nails with my Glee nail varnishes, the glitter one is lovely and sparkly!and also did some purple nails with other varnish which didnt come out so well in the picture!
I recently tried all four of the 17 magnetic nail varnishes, no pics as they chipped within a day! but they are quite fun to do so I will get a piccie up when I next do them!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoy the extra hour!:)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Gleek Out

Working my way through my glee set polishes, I LOVED this polish when I saw the bottle, but on application it looks more gold than green which is a bit disappointing, this is with 2 coats though so its good quality!and I do love the name of it!

Anyone else starting to feel festive now the nights are drawing in? I know its only September but Christmas is my favourite time of year, not for the presents (though they are a bonus) just for the whole atmosphere!
I love the tradtional decorations but since I love the colour pink I love these decs I found on weheartit:

Bought some new A/W clothes from Very.co.uk which should be delivered tomorrow so looking forward to receiving them and having some nice new snuggly clothes to wear!!

Hope everyone has had a good start to the week, lets hope friday is here before we know it!


Monday, 5 September 2011

Blue Monday

 I hate hate mondays, but nail polish always makes me feel a bit better - this is 'Sue vs Shue' from my Glee OPI pack - excuse the messy nails though as it was a looong monday!! Looking forward to using all these colours, shame the bottles are so little as I don't want to use too much!

Have I mentioned how much I loooove Hello Kitty? I got these cute earrings from Missguided.co.uk (£4.99) they make me feel like a sparkly little girl hehe!

These nails are from last week with a free Nail polish I got with Marie Claire magazine, quite a nice colour for the winter I think!Only thing I found is it did smudge quite easily!But I do looove the bottle!!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog recently!! Hope everyone is having a good week, is it friday yet?

Much love

Monday, 29 August 2011

'Express yourself to yourself' Glee nails

I decided to try one of my new glee nail varnishes today from the set my sister brought over for me from the USA!I love this colour this is with two coats though and from the pictures I am thinking a third coat may well be needed!The bottles are so cute and tiny I feel like a giant holding it!!

Have had a nice quiet bank hol weekend which I really needed! Done a bit of online shopping on missguided.co.uk which is my first shop from there so looking forward to my items arriving this week!!

Bought this cute Peter Pan esque collar top in Next , got one in black poka dots aswell but it's currently in the wash as I have already worn it!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, shame that even the 3 days weekends go so quick though!!