Monday, 28 November 2011

Models Own Juicy Jules

By far the best glitter nail varnish I have used, very impressed, no wonder this was the last one in Boots when I got it!The green is Barry M!
Does this week seem like its lasting forever already?:(
Plus side 26 days until Christmas!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas is coming!

Forgot to mention in last post I did convince the bf to let me put our tree up :) Only 30 days to go eeek better start shopping!

Glee slushied

Finally tried all my Glee nail varnishes, took a while, I do love this one though, I realised the Models own glitter nail varnish I bought as shown in my last post is pretty much the same as this glee glittery one! Oh well!!
I decided to paint my nails to try and stop me snacking lol its a diet tip I read somewhere and it kind of works , by the time the nails dry the want for a snack has faded a bit! I always find this time of year I just want chocolate constantly, but I really want to lose weight so I am trying to eat better and playing on my kinect a lot!
Happy Thanksgiving to all those across the pond

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Carmine and mini Boots haul

My carmine beauty box came a few days ago, it was nice not knowing what was in there this time. I haven't tried any of the products yet, I am not too excited about the lipstick mainly because I hardly ever wear any! but everything else I am sure will get used up!!The body lotion will just be added to my pile I am trying to use up though!
I also did a bit of shopping n Boots and got the Soap and Glory mascara, models own nails and my usual foundation, I can't wear foundation often as I have sensitive skin so it lasts aggges I only wear it on a night out!
I am soooo excited for Christmas, I bought wrapping paper yesterday though as of yet have no pressies to wrap!! Tryng to convince the boyfriend to let me put our tree up tonight! This year has gone by sooo fast though its scary!!
Sorry for the poor photos and them not being in the right over, I finally got an iphone which I love but still struggling with getting used to it!
Hope your all having a great week!