Sunday, 30 October 2011

Carmine Beauty Box

After trying in vain to sign up to GlossyBox (their website frustrates me!) I gave up on joining up with a beauty box until I noticed Carmine on a blog. It was easy to sign up plus due to a special offer it was half price for the first box, normal box is then £10 pls p&p. I am really pleased with the products included, I knew what was in there because I obviously saw it on a blog to sign up. So far I have used the eye shadow which had a lovely pigment mine was the peach colour. I also used the handcream which although isn't my favourite scent it left my hands lovely and soft! I am already looking forward to the new box and it will be nice not knowing what is included and getting a surprise!So its a 10/10 from me, I know its their first box but I am hoping future ones will be just as good!!
I am enjoying gaining the extra hour today with the clocks going back seeing as I had an epic lay in until 10:30! which would have actually been 11:30 if the clocks hadn't gone back. Haven't had a long lie in like that for a while so I obviously needed it!!

Did some more nails with my Glee nail varnishes, the glitter one is lovely and sparkly!and also did some purple nails with other varnish which didnt come out so well in the picture!
I recently tried all four of the 17 magnetic nail varnishes, no pics as they chipped within a day! but they are quite fun to do so I will get a piccie up when I next do them!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoy the extra hour!:)