Sunday, 26 June 2011

Argan Oil and some retail therapy!

After reading about Argan Oil on a few blogs I decided to give it a try!I got the following products from Boots which amounted to a total of around £30:
The shampoo and conditioner felt very smooth to apply and had a lovely smell!! I also used the heat protector spray before straigtening my hair, and finally used the Argan Oil itself as a kind of frizz ease being careful not too use too much !! My hair is quite fine but also has a bit of a frizz too it, I have used these products for a week or so, and so far I am not as impressed as I thought I would be, they seem to add frizz to my hair rather than take it away? However they smell so yummy and feel like they are 'good' for your hair, so I am not going to give up and will keep using them, but I am sad that it didn't work as magically as I thought it would!!
A few weeks ago I also tried this LA Science follice shampoo which again I had read about and decided to try (bought from amazon for around £15) This works like a 2 in 1 as you don't need to use conditioner. It stimulates growth and thickness and I would recommend it for anyone with quite fine hair as it made my hair feel more volumized!

I have been a bit of a addict recently and got the above tops, my favorite is the bottom one I love bows :) I just bought some new shoes and sandals from Very which will be arriving next week - excited!!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog recently and for all the great blogs out there which I enjoy reading so much espcially on a lazy sunday morning like I had today!!

Wishing everyone a good weekend and a great start to the working week (why does monday come around so quickly?)


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My first blog award!

Thank You to Rachel from Island Girl Insights for my first blogger award (

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Random Fact - I was born on friday the 13th :)
I award the following lovely blogs:
Rachel and Island Girl Insights:
Taylor Marie at Bows and Brownies:
Gertrude at Bows and Pearls:
Charlotte Elizabeth at Confessions of a Small Town girl
Hope everyone is having a good week! I have just purchased Lee staffords Argan Oil hair products and will write a review once I've used them for a week or so, I have read so many good reviews about Argan Oil so I hope it works!!