Friday, 27 January 2012

Carmine January Box

I love when my Carmine box arrives, it really feels like a birthday or something having some nice treats every month!I really love all the products in this box, especially the Himalayan pink salt and the Fat eye stick!The false lashes also look good quality and I will wear them when I next have a night out!So far I have never been disappointed with the contents, I know there are a lot of beauty boxes out there, but I will stick with this one. I don't think I could justify subscribing to any others as one is enough of a treat!
If you would like a look at their website : the boxes are £10 plus postage and packing which is around £2.75.
Happy Friday!
P/s My nail varnish is from the POTC set I won - its called 'Stranger Tides'

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lush weekend

Random picture time!! As is now habit some of my nicest meals this week, my favorite was the grilled houlloumi cheese on top of quorn burger yum yum!! I adore reading so thought I would post a picture of my current Jodi Picoult book, I read a lot of her books over the summer, this one isn't her best so far but still a good read! I have found since getting an iphone and reading blogs I do read books a bit less! Got a few waiting to be read so going to try and read more!
As this week has been blustery and cold we decided to light our wood burning fire, and it was divine!I didn't move from our living room all evening!!
 I have had fun using my lush goodies from my birthday/christmas pressies, some I have tried before- the Mud block is a new one, which leaves your skin lovely and smooth, though I do prefer the 'Sugarbabes' scrub from there! The seanick hair shampoo bar I have tried before and makes me feel like a mermaid!!and works just as well as normal shampoo and lasts aggges!I love 'Rock Star' soap - very sickly sweet smelling but lovely all the same!
I have had a few blips with my diet this week, involving chocolate eeks but have maintained my weight loss, I really need to exerise now it lose more!!
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, I have enjoyed mine so far - pjama day and reading blogs - bliss!!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Birthday/Lush Treats/Diet

Random mixed post - just some piccies of food I have enjoyed this week, South Beach diet is still going well, I am now in phase 2 which means I can have some fruit again and whole wheat carbs, top picture is cherries with low fat natural yogurt and wow it tasted amazing- plain yogurt always seemed tasteless to me before but now its a dream! The mealy picture was mushrooms, asparagus, quorn piecies with extra light philadelphia which was yummy!Stats wise I have lost 7 pounds in total, 2 inches off my waist and one inch off bust and hips!Very happy!
 My mum got a fruit cake for my birthday which she knows I don't like so I wouldn't want to eat it but still got to have a cake!
I got a Lush gift set from work - the pink set, and the big Green one is from my bf, so excited to try all the new products!I used 'Butterball' bath ballistic last night which was lovely and left my skin so soft!
Happy Saturday night all!

Skull and Glossbones

I was lucky enough to win my frst ever giveaway from the lovely Dee at - I was over the moon especially as I have lusted after these polishes for aggges - and I love the Pirates films!! Yesterday I wore Skull and Glossbones and couldn't stop looking at my nails - love each colour and cannot wait to try them all!!! Thanks so much Dee!!
It was my bithday yesterday (28 eek) so I will do a post on that shortly!
Wishing everyone an amazing weekend!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

South Beach diet

As I mentioned in my last post I decided to do the South beach diet, its currently day 7 and I have lost 6 pounds which is amazing!I was 125 pounds and now 119, my goal is 110. The week has gone pretty well my first two photos are just a glimpse of what I have been eating!(Veggie pretend steak strips by quorn with philadelphia and veg, and a snack of houmous and celery) Now in work it is absolutely fine as I am distracted but with it being the weekend maan have I craved carbs big time!Felt quite horrible today, apparantly this happens on the 5th or 6th day and then goes, so I hope its short term! Only another week on whats called phase one of the diet with no carbs, after that you can slowly start reintroducing them- but this will only be what they call 'good' carbs! Although today has been hard I am sooo pleased with the weight loss, other diets I have only managed to lose a couple of pounds in a few weeks!! Will keep you updated on how this week goes!:) The good thing with this diet is they give you a maintenance plan after your done too so I won't pile it all back on!
Bottom piccie is Barry M pink nails with as always Models Own Juicy Jules on top!!
Have a lovely weekend all!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a very Happy New Year!! We had a quiet night in which was lovely!!!Have enjoyed a couple of days off work and not looking forward to going back tomorrow!Just had a divine bath courtesy of the Lush Think Pink gift box I had off the bf for Christmas! I always get excited to try new products from Lush and I hadn't tried the 'Sugar babe'(pic 4) scrub - wow it is amazing my skin feels sooo soft and it smelt lovely as well!! I used a bit of Sanctuary body butter after wards but it wasn't really needed, so very impressed!!
Its day 2 of my attempt at the South Beach diet, hence the food picture, this was actually a very yummy lunch - quorn pieces with cajun spice, a bit of extra light philadelphia wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves - was surprised how nice it was! Feeling a bit tired perhaps from the lack of sugar but I am determined to stick to it!!It would be easier if I was a meat eater I think!
Wishing you all an amazing 2012!