Friday, 25 February 2011

My beauty essentials

For my first blog I thought I would post my everyday products I use:

This is my must use moisturiser as I do have sensitive skin so anything stronger makes it irritated (I used to use Enzimion by Lush but that's gone too harsh for my skin) since I don't wear foundation I have to use this every morning and night, if I run out of it it's a nightmare as I can't use anything else!

I recently bought this as my friend gave me a benefit voucher for Christmas, it was a bit difficult to use at first but now I've for the hang of it I love it, I only use it if the colour matches obviously , on other days I use my urban decay palettes for more choice and bolder colours, this one is for more of a natural beauty look.

My favorite Urban decay:
Mine does not look as pristine as this one lol!I have one other palette but this is my favorite one!I REALLY wanted the Alice in Wonderland palette but it wasn't available to buy here :( so jealous of those who managed to get one!!!
My favorite perfume that I discovered on holiday in Chicago visiting my sister, its Vanilla scented which I love, I wear it everyday and my sister is awesome by sending it to me!! I also looove all of Britney's perfumes!:)

I wish I didn't have too as I know they are bad for your hair but I have to straighten it everyday for work, I use tresemme heat protector, I do intend to not use them when I have time off work and not going out anywhere (most weekends I don't use them) They are the best straighteners ever!!

Well thanks for reading my first official post, I know its not the best but with practice I will improve like you awesome bloggers out there!!