Saturday, 27 October 2012

I Heart Saturdays

Don't you just love saturday mornings when there seems to be sooo much of the weekend left? Kind of like when you were in school and didn't have to worry about homework until sunday!:)
Had a mini haul yesterday , had to pick up the MUA palette, our Superdrug finally has a proper MUA stand! I have yet to use it but have heard good things and I love the colours!
Picked up some Christmas chick lit, only £5 for 3 books from WHSMITHS, and also couldn't resist some Hello kitty pens etc as well!
Used the nail art set from my last post, its ok but not the best quality! I LOVE the china glaze Electrify polish I saw this on another blog and since its inspired by the Hunger Games= even better!!This was 2 coats of it, I got it off amazon for around £7 with postage!!
Also picked up some Lush things, I wish they didn't hound you in the shop, I would probably buy much more if I could just relax in there and be left alone to browse!!Even when I tell them I am fine they still shadow me!But oh well I may brave it again next week as I would like to try some of their Halloween stuff!!
Going to have a nice cup of tea now and watch Made in Chelsea!
Have a lovely weekend all!

Saturday, 13 October 2012


I love a bit of retail therapy , so I went a bit crazy online with got some nice clothes but since their gift sets were 3 for 2 I also got this nail art kit and accessorize mascaras, I am looking forward to using the nail art kit tomorrow, will probably just make a mess lol but worth a try!The 3rd gift was a Dove shea butter set which I forgot to picture but its a nice toiletry set that I was going to save for someone for Christmas but ended up using it after a bad day this week, I love shea butter!
The shampoos are just something I've been trying to tame my thin but frzzy hair, nothing is doing a great job at the moment though!Might try Ojon oil which I have been reading about on a lot of blogs today!
'The Night Circus' is my current read, taking me a while but it has had excellent reviews so I will keep at it!
My absence lately has been due to family/work stress, I am now looking forward to Christmas and lots of cosy nights in by the fire!My plan for today is to remain in my new panda pj's that I got from Very and catch up on lots of blogs, and then of course X Factor tonight!
Thank you for reading :)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Weekend treats

As always I am so happy its the weekend!Got my weekend going already with a relaxing morning reading my favorite blogs!Also got my new book going by Philippa Gregory - love her books been reading them for years, if you like historical ficton you will enjoy!
After reading about Treacle Moon products on a few blogs I ordered them from Tesco online, only tried the strawberry one so far and used it as bubble bath - very lovely smell and leaves skin nice and soft!Looking forward to trying the vanilla!
I have become obsessed with anything cocoa butter at the moment, loving the palmers products especially the firming lotion, I am noticing a difference after a week!
Tried the Organix shampoo and conditioner = amazing - smells divine and very softening!
Lastly my product of the moment, Boots extracts Brazil nut scrub - all I can say is delicious lol no I haven't been eating it but this is the best description!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

No carbs before marbs...

Well I am not going to Marbs, but I am going on holiday soon which means I am back on the South Beach Diet!Going really well again, above are some of the recipes which I have tried after finding them on pinterest!The first I tried are 'Egg Muffins' which are great for a low carb breakfast and I found them really easy to make!
 I have also been drinking iced water with lemon and lime which is meant to be a good detox and I have definately noticed a difference with my skin being much clearer!
Chia Seeds are a new find, they are rich in: Calcium Omega3 Antioxidants and amino acids - things I need!I bought them through amazon, and I made 'Chia Seed pudding' (again recipe on pinterest) which is an aquired taste but I really liked it!
I also made Quinoa Porridge with chia seeds sprinkled on top - again lovely! And have been eating the usual veg/cheese combination for the diet!
Finished the Hunger Games books ages ago but wanted to post that they were awesome and I got all three for £7.99 in 'The Works'. Also ended up watching the film which I really enjoyed!
Been quiet lately as mainly been stressed with work, so really looking forward to our holiday to see some sun and relax!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Body Shop

Hello lovely followers, sorry I have been so quiet of late, work has been so draining recently! Which prompted me to decide I was due a nice pamper! I popped to the shops after a hard day, but didn't fancy the usual Lush bath bomb or boots Soap and Glory!So I decided to try the Body Shop which I admit I haven't bothered with really since my teens! and I am so glad I went back, its lovely to buy products that actually work and do what they say on the label!!!

From top: Macadamia Straightening balm £7 - Body Shop say :This lightweight, humidity-resistant balm relaxes wavy and curly hair and reduces frizz.
I love this balm, it smells divine!  I am unfortunate enough to have thin and frizzy hair! this is like I dream to use for straightening hair and feels so silky!! 10 out of 10!!
Polynesia Lotus & Frangipani Flower Bath Milk. Body Shop say:
This indulgent bath milk is inspired by Polynesian spa rituals. It has a deliciously fragrant scent of coconut, frangipani and lotus flower. £10.
I also got the Body lotion to match on special half price offer for £5. I love my baths, and this bath milk is delicious, so soothing and makes skin lovely and soft! The body lotion is also lovely, I would buy again!! 10/10!
Japan Yuzu & Green Tea Bath Salts. Body shop say:These refreshing bath salts are inspired by Japanese bathing rituals. They have a citrus and green tea fragrance. £12. Lovely salts but not as great as the bath milk, still lovely and relaxing but would give these 7/10.
Final pictures contain: Luxuriously rich and intensive deep-conditioning treatment for soft, glossy and tangle-free hair.
Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter £3 (this is the small tub in the picture)Body Shop say:
  • Contains pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and Community Trade honey and olive oil.
  • No silicones, no parabens and no colourants.
  • Use weekly or as required.
  • For dry and damaged hair.
This gets a 20/10 if possible lol! For years I have tried hair butters, this is the only one that not only tames my frizz but adds a lovely shine without being heavy on my thin locks! The volumising shampoo and conditioner (£4 each) are also amazing and I am hooked for life!!

I have been reading 'The Hunger Games' books and I am on the final book - they are brilliant and I would definately recommend them- I haven't seen the film as of yet!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I am now going to chill and watch 'The Voice' :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Woman in Black and some Shopping...

Happy Monday!Okay mondays are never happy occasions but at least the working day is over!!
Did a bit of shopping in Boots today, saw about the Tangle Teezer brushes on another blog a while ago and thought I would get them , the normal sized one was around £10 and the travel one was £12! Only used it when I came home from town with very windswept hair and it did well to tame it and didn't pull or hurt so I am happy!Also thought I would try a new shampoo and conditioner!
My mum bought me a 'book chair' which is like a mini deck chair that holds your book lol its so cute, she got it in a charity shop!Currently reading a Jennifer Egan book which is good so far!
Got some new boots from - Joe brown boots reduced to £38 very warm and comfy and go well with skinny jeans!
I saw the scariest film ever on friday - The Woman in Black, I shouldn't have gone really as I knew I would be scared as the book scared me enough! This film was so scary my blood ran cold! I screamed and hid quite a lot lol!They changed the ending from the book which would usually annoy me but I thought they did an excellent job of it!Will not be watching it again though lol!
Hope your all having a fab week

Sunday, 5 February 2012

South Beach Diet Update

Happy Weekend!! I thought I would update on how my diet is going! As you will be aware from my previous posts since January 1st I have been on the South Beach Diet!Just a brief rundown on the diet itself - its basically low carb - but not at all like the Atkins diet as you can't have high bad fatty food!Its aim is to get you to change your diet to be eating good food, and this includes 'good' carbs (e.g whole wheat pasta/high fibre cereals etc). The first two weeks were the hardest - this is basically 'Phase one' of the diet where it aims to stop your cravings for carbs - so you can't have any carbs - not even fruit! I was fine until about the 7th day and then I was cursing the diet lol until I realised I had lost 5 pounds! After 2 weeks is phase 2 - where you reintroduce carbs, but only good carbs, so example being Bran flakes for breakfast, natural yogurt, fruit etc! You stay on phase 2 until your at your goal weight and then phase 3 is basically the rest of your life where you get to have more carbs but again only the good ones!! I am still on phase 2!
My weight on Jan 1st was 126 pounds, my inches were : 36 inch chest, 28 inch waist and 37 inch hips! My new stats are : 116 pounds!(yay) 35 inch chest, 25 inch waist and 35 hips! As you can see the weight mainly came off my belly and waist!! This is with practically no exercise! I do need to start getting fit though to tone up!  I have also been having the odd piece of chocolate here and there!So thats ten pounds lost in just over a month! After a couple of years of trying slim fast/ hip and thigh diet etc I have finally found the one for me! and being a vegetarian its actually harder for me so I think this would be even easier for meat eaters! Obviously each to their own with what diet suits them, I am just really happy and even wore my skinny jeans this week  that I haven't been able to fit into for well over a year!!My goal weight is 112 pounds (8stone) and then I will be on phase 3! I have also had a meal out where I did eat bad carbs, but I think aslong as this is rare it doesn't effect it too much!
For more info on the diet its all on google, take a look as I may not be the best at explaining it lol!It is an American diet too so sometimes the foods listed are difficult to find here but its quite easy to vary it!
Hope your all keeping nice and warm in this chilly weather!