Sunday, 5 February 2012

South Beach Diet Update

Happy Weekend!! I thought I would update on how my diet is going! As you will be aware from my previous posts since January 1st I have been on the South Beach Diet!Just a brief rundown on the diet itself - its basically low carb - but not at all like the Atkins diet as you can't have high bad fatty food!Its aim is to get you to change your diet to be eating good food, and this includes 'good' carbs (e.g whole wheat pasta/high fibre cereals etc). The first two weeks were the hardest - this is basically 'Phase one' of the diet where it aims to stop your cravings for carbs - so you can't have any carbs - not even fruit! I was fine until about the 7th day and then I was cursing the diet lol until I realised I had lost 5 pounds! After 2 weeks is phase 2 - where you reintroduce carbs, but only good carbs, so example being Bran flakes for breakfast, natural yogurt, fruit etc! You stay on phase 2 until your at your goal weight and then phase 3 is basically the rest of your life where you get to have more carbs but again only the good ones!! I am still on phase 2!
My weight on Jan 1st was 126 pounds, my inches were : 36 inch chest, 28 inch waist and 37 inch hips! My new stats are : 116 pounds!(yay) 35 inch chest, 25 inch waist and 35 hips! As you can see the weight mainly came off my belly and waist!! This is with practically no exercise! I do need to start getting fit though to tone up!  I have also been having the odd piece of chocolate here and there!So thats ten pounds lost in just over a month! After a couple of years of trying slim fast/ hip and thigh diet etc I have finally found the one for me! and being a vegetarian its actually harder for me so I think this would be even easier for meat eaters! Obviously each to their own with what diet suits them, I am just really happy and even wore my skinny jeans this week  that I haven't been able to fit into for well over a year!!My goal weight is 112 pounds (8stone) and then I will be on phase 3! I have also had a meal out where I did eat bad carbs, but I think aslong as this is rare it doesn't effect it too much!
For more info on the diet its all on google, take a look as I may not be the best at explaining it lol!It is an American diet too so sometimes the foods listed are difficult to find here but its quite easy to vary it!
Hope your all keeping nice and warm in this chilly weather!


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  2. I haven't heard about this diet. It seems to be a good one :D
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