Monday, 13 February 2012

Woman in Black and some Shopping...

Happy Monday!Okay mondays are never happy occasions but at least the working day is over!!
Did a bit of shopping in Boots today, saw about the Tangle Teezer brushes on another blog a while ago and thought I would get them , the normal sized one was around £10 and the travel one was £12! Only used it when I came home from town with very windswept hair and it did well to tame it and didn't pull or hurt so I am happy!Also thought I would try a new shampoo and conditioner!
My mum bought me a 'book chair' which is like a mini deck chair that holds your book lol its so cute, she got it in a charity shop!Currently reading a Jennifer Egan book which is good so far!
Got some new boots from - Joe brown boots reduced to £38 very warm and comfy and go well with skinny jeans!
I saw the scariest film ever on friday - The Woman in Black, I shouldn't have gone really as I knew I would be scared as the book scared me enough! This film was so scary my blood ran cold! I screamed and hid quite a lot lol!They changed the ending from the book which would usually annoy me but I thought they did an excellent job of it!Will not be watching it again though lol!
Hope your all having a fab week

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