Saturday, 27 October 2012

I Heart Saturdays

Don't you just love saturday mornings when there seems to be sooo much of the weekend left? Kind of like when you were in school and didn't have to worry about homework until sunday!:)
Had a mini haul yesterday , had to pick up the MUA palette, our Superdrug finally has a proper MUA stand! I have yet to use it but have heard good things and I love the colours!
Picked up some Christmas chick lit, only £5 for 3 books from WHSMITHS, and also couldn't resist some Hello kitty pens etc as well!
Used the nail art set from my last post, its ok but not the best quality! I LOVE the china glaze Electrify polish I saw this on another blog and since its inspired by the Hunger Games= even better!!This was 2 coats of it, I got it off amazon for around £7 with postage!!
Also picked up some Lush things, I wish they didn't hound you in the shop, I would probably buy much more if I could just relax in there and be left alone to browse!!Even when I tell them I am fine they still shadow me!But oh well I may brave it again next week as I would like to try some of their Halloween stuff!!
Going to have a nice cup of tea now and watch Made in Chelsea!
Have a lovely weekend all!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed Made in Chelsea and it's drama! That china glaze colour is lovely! I bought one once and it was a bit of a nightmare to get off! So sad!

    E x