Sunday, 15 July 2012

No carbs before marbs...

Well I am not going to Marbs, but I am going on holiday soon which means I am back on the South Beach Diet!Going really well again, above are some of the recipes which I have tried after finding them on pinterest!The first I tried are 'Egg Muffins' which are great for a low carb breakfast and I found them really easy to make!
 I have also been drinking iced water with lemon and lime which is meant to be a good detox and I have definately noticed a difference with my skin being much clearer!
Chia Seeds are a new find, they are rich in: Calcium Omega3 Antioxidants and amino acids - things I need!I bought them through amazon, and I made 'Chia Seed pudding' (again recipe on pinterest) which is an aquired taste but I really liked it!
I also made Quinoa Porridge with chia seeds sprinkled on top - again lovely! And have been eating the usual veg/cheese combination for the diet!
Finished the Hunger Games books ages ago but wanted to post that they were awesome and I got all three for £7.99 in 'The Works'. Also ended up watching the film which I really enjoyed!
Been quiet lately as mainly been stressed with work, so really looking forward to our holiday to see some sun and relax!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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